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Devil in the Details - Tracy Rowan 2.5Best character in the book was Grim.
But For You (A Matter of Time #6) - Mary Calmes Extra points for Jory being less annoying (though no less "perfect", hot, beloved by all, etc., etc. *rolls eyes*) than he was in Bulletproof.Sometimes I don't even understand why I like this series.
Feeling Neighborly - Ellis Carrington 2.5
Just Jory (A Matter of Time #5.5) - Mary Calmes 2.5
Marvin The Marmot Falls In Love - Aaron Michaels 2.5
When I Say When - Tia Fielding 2.5
Letting Go - M.J. O'Shea 2.5

Pressure Head

Pressure Head - J.L. Merrow 3.5
How Was He Supposed to Know? - Andy Slayde, Ali Wilde 2.5
Three's A Crowd - Penelope Rivers 2.5
Downtime - Tamara Allen 3.5
Steamroller - Mary Calmes 2.5
Opening Moves - Sean Michael 1.5
Middle Game - Sean Michael 1.5
A Rose is a Rose - Jet Mykles 2.5
Absent-Minded Astrophysicist - T.N. Tarrant 2.5Writing was a bit repetitive at times. (E.g. When they have full-on sex for the first time, their foreplay scene is filled with a lot of "Jareth grinned." Liam does something? Jareth grins. Liam says something? Jareth grins.)Also, there were a couple of scenes that felt too preachy and heavy-handed with a Moral Message about Certain Issues. Some subtlety there would have made it less annoying.Other than that, though, this was a nice enough little read with a likable nerd character who didn't have to use too many ("big") words when speaking to prove to readers he's a nerd.