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Last of the Summer Tomatoes - Sherrie Henry 1.5
One Love, One Mistake - Kelly McGrath 1.5
Friends or Lovers? - Sara York There was no resolution to anything at all and too many questions were left unanswered, even ones raised by the characters that would seem to be important to what's happening.
Silver Ice - Suilan Lee 1.5

Lost Time

Lost Time - Parker Williams When Alex sees Kurt at the restaurant after 5 years without any contact between them, he jumps up and runs out of the restaurant. The next day, Jake (who was at the restaurant with Alex) sends Alex a note mentioning that the owner of the restaurant (no name mentioned) stopped by after Alex left. Just from this, Alex immediately knows that Jake's talking about Kurt who must, of course, be the owner...I'm really not sure how Alex could have made that connection. Just one glimpse of Kurt in a restaurant he's never been to and knows nothing about is enough for him to realize Kurt's the owner and the man mentioned in Jake's note?
Lost in the Echo - Jack L. Pyke 2.5
Cherry Blossoms and Titanium - Tia Fielding 2.5
Ten Year H-Itch - Pelaam 2.5
Sailor Boys - Anthony McDonald 2.5

An Intrepid Trip to Love

An Intrepid Trip to Love - Charlie Cochet 2.5
The Art of the Deal - B.A. Stretke 1.5

After the End

After the End - Alex Kidwell 2.5

Blind Faith

Blind Faith (Blind Faith #1) - N.R. Walker 2.25
Husband for the Holidays - Project Amy 2.5
Frostwick - Megan Derr 2.5Nicely written with just a few errors and I liked it well enough, but there wasn't much to hold my interest. There wasn't much fleshing out of the characters and the (sort of) mystery-hunt for the thief mostly played out in the background with not a whole lot happening there. The romance was pretty formulaic: MC has love-love feelings that he's sure will never be reciprocated, with added option of thinking that the love interest dislikes/hates him, until -- surprise! -- it is. Also, the love interest was rather typically cranky-or-reticent, making it easier for MC to think the love interest hates him.So 3 stars for "liked it" minus a bit.
If You Can't Take the Heat - Jumping Jack Flash,  Jesse Hajicek 4.5